For international students embarking on a Study Group programme this year, leaving your home country to go to uni in the UK is an exciting adventure. But like any adventure, you want to be fully prepared. Luckily, we’ve got all the tips to help make the most out of your experience! Here’s what you need to know about going to Uni in the UK. 

1. The UK Education System Is Unique

Not only can moving to the UK cause some culture shock, but it may also be different from what you’re used to academically. Subjects routes, course formats, and even studying will be different from the school systems in your home country. Fortunately, your university will provide an international foundation year to help you adjust to the UK education system. (For further details, read more about the Uni of Sheffield’s international foundation year). This year will also allow you to study—as well as fully immerse yourself—in the English language, the best way to become fluent!

2. You Will Be Able to Find International Food! 

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While half the fun of living in a new place is trying the local food, missing the comforts of home is inevitable. Don’t fret, UK cities are home to large international populations. As such, local cuisine reflects the dynamic cultures. For example, here in Sheffield, we have some amazing multicultural restaurant and take-away options, check out this list of our favourite spots. (For non-meat-eaters, here’s a list of top Sheffield Vegan restaurants, too! ??)

3. Homesickness Happens 

It’s totally normal to feel homesick, especially during your first year at uni, so far away from your family and friends. Remember that you aren’t the only international student going through this. Study Group programmes sent over 30,000 students to 142 different schools last year. Try to fill up your schedule with activities to stay busy and get used to your new life. Also work on making friends from both your Study Group programme, as well as uni students from the UK. One of the best parts of uni life is meeting people from all around the world! 

4. UK Cities Are New for Many Students 

Just because you’re an international student doesn’t mean you’re the only newcomer to the city where you study. Many British students move to a new city for university and are just as nervous and inexperienced as you. Take time to get to know your new environment and don’t be afraid to ask someone to explore with you! 

For Sheffield students, here are a few insider tips to getting to know the “Steel City,” as we call it, and some fun local places to check out! 

5. There’s History All Around You 

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Hunter’s Bar Neighbourhood in Sheffield, UK

UK cities are very historic with a rich background and the architecture to go with it. In Sheffield, for example, some of the buildings date back to the twelfth century! Even university buildings offer a unique history. However, most cities still have a modern flair with young residents and lots going on! It’s not unnormal for example, for old shipping warehouses to be transformed into artistic and cultural spaces in up-and-coming neighbourhoods. 

6. Get Help Finding the Best Student Accommodation 

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One of the unique spaces at LIV Student Sheffield

UK cities have multiple options for student accommodations. You want to make sure you choose the best option to feel safe and happy and most importantly, have an awesome experience. When looking at potential apartments, use our checklist: 6 Things to Look for in Student Accommodation, to make sure you find the perfect new home.

If you plan to study at the University of Sheffield, take a tour of LIV Student. We cater to international residents with our unique student experience programme

Study Group Students—Get Ready for Your Uni Experience in the UK

This is an exhilarating time of your life and one that can change the course of your future. Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll be sure to succeed and thrive at uni in the UK!

For students in the Study Group programme at the University of Sheffield, come talk to LIV Student representatives, we can chat about student accommodation as well as help you get to know the area!