You’ve packed your bags, headed off to university and now it’s Freshers Week – a week dedicated to meeting other first year students. Your uni is teeming with first years from around the country, but you don’t know anyone else. 

Making friends during Freshers can be a more daunting task than it seems. I mean, you can’t just walk up to someone and start chatting. We are British, after all (international students, you’ve got no excuses). 

Or can you? Freshers is one of the few weeks of the year (revision week is the other one, in case you were wondering) when just about anything goes. How can you stay busy and make friends during Freshers? Take a look at our guide below. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Make the First Move

This is just as true with friends as it is with someone you fancy. Don’t be afraid to walk over and say hello. Chances are, this person is just as nervous as you are, and will be delighted that you came over to have a chat. Feeling nervous? Try someone who is sitting by themselves, rather than marching up to a group. It will be easier to strike up a conversation, and there will be fewer witnesses should awkwardness ensue. 

Use Food as an Opener

When in doubt, use food as a way to break the ice. Ordered a pizza, or popped one in the oven? Offer a slice to the girl down the hall. Looking for someone to join you in the canteen? Ask someone sitting by themselves. Organise a group dinner for your flatmates to cook together to learn more about one another. Food makes people more comfortable, so cooking together (or simply eating a meal deal in front of the Great British Bake-Off) will make you friends in no time. 

Keep Your Door Open

So much of making friends is about simply being accessible. Leave your door open in your flat, and don’t get too focussed on any one project (it’s Freshers week, after all!). You will look more open to being approached. 

Walk Without Headphones

Hear us out before you immediately dismiss this one – would you ever approach someone who had headphones in? If the answer is yes, you’re a braver soul than we are. Nothing makes you less approachable than a pair of earbuds. Try heading through campus, or even just going to your local coffee shop without headphones, and see what a difference it makes. 

Check Out Social Media

Social media is the key to unlocking friends during Freshers week. Check out your uni’s Freshers Week page (trust us, they’ll have one), and talk to people commenting on various events. That way, you’ll begin to recognise people when you run into them when you’re out and about. 

Join A Club

Societies will be out in force during Freshers week, so this is a great way to meet new people who are interested in similar ideas. Join a sports team to get some exercise, or try the student newspaper. Start with something that you’re interested in, but don’t be afraid to try something new. You’ll meet different people, and that’s what the university experience is all about. 

Take a Look at the Events Calendar

Most universities release an events calendar before, or even during, Freshers week. Take a look at the events around campus to see what might interest you. It’s a good idea to gauge potential interest in the event through the Freshers Facebook page, to make sure that you’re set to go somewhere with loads of potential new mates. 

The most important thing to remember during Fresher’s week? Everyone is in the same boat. Everyone wants to make new friends, so don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation. Good luck, and have a great time!