Here are frequently asked questions about LIV Student.

Who is LIV Student?

LIV Student is the greatest student accommodation provider on the planet, or at least that’s what we’re aiming to be. We want to be more than just a provider of student accommodation but community creators. We cherish input from our residents and encourage all to suggest new and creative ways we can enhance the student experience. The word experience for us is KEY! We’re here to deliver an experience like no other and that starts with our rooms and shines throughout our buildings, social spaces, eatery’s and study rooms all the way through to our events and special initiatives programme.

How do I book a room?

Booking a room with us is easy.

Online – have a browse on our website and choose the room that best suits you. Once you’ve seen the one you like simply click book now. We’ll receive your booking and give you call to confirm and make sure all details are correct. We like to add that personal touch.

Phone – If online booking is not your thing then please feel free to give us a call, text, WhatsApp or email whichever way you’d like to book we’re here for you. If you have any special requirements i.e. you’d like to live with friends or would like to select a specific floor, please let us know and we’ll do our best to make your wishes become a reality.

Do I have to be a student to live at LIV Student?

Students are our primary focus. It’s in our name so the simple answer to this question is YES all of our residents are required to be in full or part-time education. In other words, you need to be a student to be eligible to LIVe with us.

Can I live with my friends?

Want to live with your BFF? That’s no problem, just give us a call and while you’re making your booking just let us know the name of your friend or friends and we’ll do what we can to ensure you’re all living together.

We want to make sure that all of our residents share a space with like-minded people so if you are booking as an individual with no special request to live with friends then we’ll allocate a room which is surrounded by residents that study at the same university and are in the same year as you when possible.

Do you offer shorter contracts?

We have a limited number of short term contracts, so the best thing to do is give us a call so we can discuss and advise accordingly.

Do you offer rooms for disability?

We operate an “EVERYONE’S WELCOME” policy, so we make sure that we have facilities that cater to the needs of all. If you have any medical requirements or disabilities give us a call so we can place you in a room that is suited to you and ensure your requirements are met.  

Do I need a guarantor?

For the most part, we do think it’s best to have a guarantor in place just in case unforeseen circumstances arise making it difficult to keep up with payments. We do however have payment plans where a guarantor is not required, but it’s best to give us a call to get the full low down on all things guarantors and payments. We’ve got a team ready to answer all of your questions.

When is rent due?

We’re as flexible as a gymnast when it comes to payments. We’ve got a number of different payment plans on offer because we know that everyone’s financial situation is different. You can pay in 4 instalments, monthly instalments or in full — whichever you prefer. Get in contact with us if you wish to discuss the best payment options for you.

I have not received loan and cannot afford rental instalments, what do I do?

Things happen, we get it. Student loan may be delayed or something else may interfere with your ability to pay your rent on time – DON’T PANIC! Pop to reception and speak to us, let us know your issue so we can offer the help you need, this may include differing your payment to a later date. Just keep us in the loop so we can help you.

How do deposits work?

All deposits are kept safe and sound ready to be returned to you at the end of your time with us. We’ll take back any unpaid rent and damage charges from it though so be sure to stay up to date and treat your room kindly. ?

Can I have guests?

Feel free to bring a guest just be sure to head to reception and have them sign in and out when then leave. Please note that your guest can only stay with you for a maximum of 3 days, if you would like them to experience LIVe for longer then you’ll have to speak with a member of our crew and have your request authorised.

Do you allow pets?

As much as we’d love to we just cannot have pets roaming around in our property so we operate a NO PETS policy, this even includes fish so no sneaking in Nemo.

However, guide dogs and therapy pets are more than welcome. Please speak to a member of our team for more information on this.

Do you have security?

All of our LIV Student locations are manned 24 hours a day so there’s always a member of staff for you to talk to should you need anything or have an issue. We also have CCTV in place to ensure safety and peace of mind.

How do I handle a maintenance request?

We have a dedicated on-site team on hand to resolve any issues that may arise during your stay with us. You’ll be able to record any issues via our LIV Student app where you’ll be able to see when an issue has been logged and fixed.

What is your student experience programme?

We believe in supporting local partners as much as possible, so we programme our student communities according to their location and local culture but here’s an idea of what you can expect.

  • Talks, debates and discussions on topics affecting today’s students hosted by thought leaders & entrepreneurs
  • Finding balance and mindfulness
  • Mental health and wellbeing
  • Food masterclasses
  • Pop-up residencies
  • Music sessions

and much more…

Is there a cleaning service?

You’ll be happy to know all your shared apartment living space is cleaned by our team. Please note, this will not be a deep clean, our team will be giving your communal living space a quick surface clean.   You’ll still need to keep it tidy by loading up your dishwasher and taking our your recycling and rubbish.

You’ll have to get those rubber gloves out to clean your bedrooms and bathrooms as it will be your responsibility throughout the year, so be sure to keep it nice and tidy.

How does your referral programme work?

We love rewarding people who spread the LIV Student LOVE with friends, sign up to our student generator programme for more info.

How fast is the WiFi

Our WiFi is unlimited, super fast and super FREE. Wired speeds of up to 100mbs while wireless connection can reach speeds of up to 200mbs, lightening quick!

The actual speed you will experience while using the Internet may vary and depends upon a variety of conditions, These conditions include:

The performance of your computer or tablet including its age, processing capability, its operating system, the number of applications running simultaneously, and the presence of any adware and viruses.

The type of connection between your device and our equipment. For example, wireless connections may be slower than wired connections. Wireless connections may be subject to greater fluctuations, interference and congestion. We recommend that you connect your device via a cable if it has the capability freeing up space for other devices on the wireless network.

The distance between your device and our equipment.

The time of day, during peak times there will be quite a bit of congestion which may affect the speed you receive.

Disclaimer* the above information refers to our WiFi speed in our Sheffield location.

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