You’ve studied hard, and now all that work has paid off – you’re off to uni! Congratulations!

Moving from home to student accommodation is a big transition. Most (if not all) things will be different, and there will be plenty to find out about when you move into halls or off-campus housing. 

Moving to uni can be stressful, but don’t worry—we’ve compiled our best tips for moving into student accommodation. Take a look at our end-all, be-all guide below:

1. Check What’s Provided

Speak to the accommodation office about the appliances that are provided in your flat. Most accommodations differ when it comes to room facilities and appliances. For example, at LIV Student, we provide a kettle, dishwasher, and microwave, but other accommodations might not. Make sure to consider shared spaces and your own room. Make a list of all the items you need to purchase and bring with you. 

2. Chat to Your Flatmates 

You’ve probably already started speaking to your flatmates, but have you talked about the specifics of what you’re bringing to uni, and what you’re willing to share? Having these conversations early will help get your roommate relationship off to the right start. 

Chat to your flatmates about the kitchen appliances, cleaning supplies, and other household bits and bobs. Make sure that you’re on the same page about what you’re bringing, what you’re sharing, and what you need to purchase on your own when you get there. We’ve compiled a list of things to consider, including:

  • Microwave-safe bowls and plates
  • Mugs and glasses
  • A range of pots and pans
  • Reusable food containers
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Doorstops
  • Clothes hangers
  • Toilet brush

3. Pay Attention to the Inventory 

While it’s tempting to gloss over the inventory and start unpacking, make sure that you give the inventory the attention it needs. At the beginning of any tenancy, whether you’re in student accommodation or off-campus housing, you’ll receive an inventory of the condition of the flat and everything that comes in it.

The Uni Guide tells us this inventory is critical: “It’s in your best interests that everything is correct, as it’s used to judge whether you should get your full deposit back when you move out. If something is already broken, you shouldn’t be charged to fix it!”

Take stock of everything, from the white goods (think the washing machine and refrigerator) down to all of the bumps, holes, and scrapes on the walls. We also recommend taking photos or a video for your own records, just in case something comes up further down the line. 

4. Don’t Forget the Aesthetics 

Decorating your room at uni is a huge part of making it feel like home, so don’t skimp on the décor. While you might not be able to put pictures on the wall, there are plenty of ways to show your personality. First, check your accommodation for the size of the bed and other furniture, and then choose a duvet cover, comfy cushions, and two sets of sheets so you can wash them regularly.

Decorating on a budget? Save the Student has plenty of ideas for making your room as unique as you are without breaking the bank. They recommend:

  • Lamps, a great way to give off a softer light and perfect for a relaxing study environment.
  • Fairy lights, for a touch of romance (especially for those long winter evenings).
  • Wall tapestries, an inexpensive way to make a statement.
  • Plants, whether you choose real or fake, are a great way to brighten up a space. 

5. Uni in a Time of Coronavirus 

It’s the elephant in the room—how is uni going to work in these unprecedented times? Well, let’s be honest: in terms of classes and knowing the nitty-gritty, we don’t know. However, student accommodation providers around the country are doing everything they can to keep our residents safe. 

At LIV Student, we’re prepared to welcome back our residents. We’ve introduced measures such as:

  • A COVID-trained staff that’s always up-to-date with the latest health measures.
  • A COVID-safe cleaning routine.
  • Contents insurance for all of the items you bring to university.
  • Flexible start dates.

Get even more details on how we’re prepping for resident’s return, read our blog post

Coming from overseas? 

While we advise that you keep an eye on all the latest travel regulations and recommendations, we have the following measures in place for international students:

  • Airport pick-up.
  • Half-price quarantine stays.
  • Shopping support service and bedding pack.

Learn more about our COVID-19 promise to keep you safe. 

More questions about moving into student accommodation? We’d love to help. Get in touch today!