So you’re studying in Dublin? Congrats! While this is an exciting time, headed to university can be nerve-wracking, especially if you’re new to the city. So we’ve outlined a guide to your first week for all those freshers or new students out there, complete with lots of fun things to do in Dublin. 

First things first, you might want to study up on Irish lingo, especially newcomers. For example, someone might ask you: “What’s the craic?” You’ll need to know how to answer that! Next, use the following guide for the perfect introduction to Dublin.

Explore Wellness Options 

Routines develop early on at uni, so why not start your first week in Dublin on a positive note? Prioritize your wellness by taking an exercise class. As an added bonus, working out reduces stress, which is something we all deal with during the first week in a new place. 

We recommend trying to find one of your fave exercise styles and taking a class before or after lecture. Check with your school or accommodation for free options. (Hint: the LIV Student Experience Programme hosts loads of fitness programmes for our residents). 

Hit Up the Traditional Tourist Spots 

Now that you’ve gotten a sweat sesh in, it’s time to explore! While the touristy spots might seem too cliché, you should still try them out. The ticket is going to popular places at off-times, try one of the weeknights of your first week. Here are a few of our favourites, pick one from the list to visit: 

  • Brazenhead is dubbed one of the oldest pubs in Ireland. They serve all the traditional meals, and the building has historic character.   
  • Temple Bar is more than just the infamous red-signed watering hole, it’s an entire district, with pubs, restaurants, and art galleries. Of course, there are the flag-lined streets that are Instagram-perfect for any Dublin newbies.
  • Indulge in the drinks of Dublin at the Jameson Distillery or the Guinness Storehouse.  Just remember to have fun responsibly, you don’t need hangovers the first week of courses. 

Learn About the History 

We recommend that you set out to learn about the history and traditions of Dublin on your first weekend. There’s so much to see and do, you’ll want an entire day to explore and take it all in. 

Students at Trinity College are lucky enough to live among history, with the famous Book of Kells residing in the Old Library. But other students should make the pilgrimage here to take it in as well. You can also visit St. Michan’s Church, which dates back to 1095, and offers tours of their burial vaults. 

Take a Walking Tour of the Street Art 

Dublin is a super walkable city; it’s one of the best aspects of LIV Student’s unique location. We’re located in the heart of Dublin, just a short walk from City Centre and most unis. 

Especially with the often dreary Dublin weather, sometimes you need to go in search of a pop of colour to brighten your day. There’s no shortage of expressive street art in Dublin. Tour the streets to find murals, artistic graffiti, or the famous colourful doors (a classic Dublin trademark). Walking about will also help you get your bearings and learn the neighbourhoods.  

Don’t Forget to Take Advantage of Discounts 

Student life = poor life. We get it, beyond your student loan stipend, you’re likely on a tight budget. Well lucky for you, Dublin is a very student-friendly city that offers tons of deals and discounts. To get a full run-down on the best local options, check out our blog on student discounts in Dublin

For even more discounts on national retailers, check out Unidays—an ideal tool when online shopping for bits and bobs for your new room!

End the Week Outdoors 

After your busy first week, end your Sunday with some laid-back activities. You’ll also want to enjoy the good weather while you still can. Dublin offers endless outdoor spaces to unwind and relax. Take a leisurely stroll in St. Stephen’s Green Park. Alternatively, for a more bustling and busy option, visit Pheonix Park, which encompasses many attractions (like the Dublin Zoon) as well as places to chill out.  

Enjoy Dublin! 

Dublin is a fantastic city to explore. However, don’t get too overwhelmed, getting situated and settled will take time! Remember, this is just a guide to your social life in Dublin and studies should always come first. If you need places to study, head over to our list of fab study spots in Dublin. Most importantly, take a deep breathe and take it all in!