In our digital age, apps can be a lifesaver. At uni, you balance a million responsibilities, your diary overflows with too many plans, and it can be downright stressful. We can all use a little help available at our fingertips to keep on track. With apps available for everything from tracking calories to taking notes, it’s no surprise that there are apps to cover just about anything you need. Here are five of our favourite apps that offer the best Uni life hacks that will help make your uni experience the best it can be.

1. Office Lens

For help studying, Office Lens is a dynamic Microsoft-based app that will allow you to keep study notes and guides organised. With Office Lens, you can take pictures of documents, blackboards, whiteboards, magazines and more—then convert them into editable text. This app is super handy to have on your mobile and take images when you’re in a lecture or at the library. 

Cost: available on Android, iOS, and Windows for free, a Microsoft ID is not required to use Office Lens.


At uni, we’re all living that roomie-life. Even if you are #blessed and have a studio or apartment to yourself (hint: LIV Student offers some fab options), you’re likely to still be splitting tabs, bills, and other expenses with your mates. Splitwise is an amazing app that can help you and your roommates/friends keep track of any shared household costs, pay bills from the app and make sure that costs are split fairly. Everyone just adds what they paid in a given time period and the app totals who owes who what. (See you later calculator!) You can also contact your bank account or Venmo to pay people back through the app with the touch of a button. 

Cost: available on Android and iOS for free, there is a paid version you can upgrade to that has extra features including the ability to scan receipts and create charts.

3. StudentBeans

One thing all uni students have in common is that we live on a tight budget and like to save money whenever and wherever we can. Many retail stores, restaurants, and service-based businesses offer students discounts. Student Beans is an app that shows you any student discounts offered in your area. They let you know about both online and in-store discounts exclusively available for students. Seriously—download this app to start saving immediately!  

Cost: free on Android and iOS.

4. Alarmy

Have a lie-in and now you’re late for lecture? We’ve all been there. Not anymore! Download Alarmy, the app gives you a series of tasks when the alarm goes off to get you out of bed (no snooze buttons allowed). Options include puzzles to complete, complex questions to answer, or even tasks such as taking a certain number of steps or taking a picture of an object. You set up the tasks that you want to complete to switch off the alarm. You’ll never be late again, plus you get your brain going first thing in the AM. 

Cost: available for free on Android and iOS.

5. SoundNote

If you use your iPad for note-taking, check out SoundNote, another one of the highest-rated and most used uni apps. SoundNote not only records lectures for you, but it also allows you to type or draw notes throughout the recording. It has an easy to search feature for listening to the lecture, allowing you to jump in at any point during the recording. It’s a must-have for any university student. 

Cost: free app, currently only available in iOS for iPads and other Mac products, but not iPhones.

Use Apps to Level-Up Your Uni Life 

Being a uni student can be a challenge, but apps make navigating life a little easier. Use the free tools at your fingertips to optimise your day-to-day and be a more efficient student. The less you stress, the happier you’ll be. The small problems these apps fix can go a long way to help with your sanity!