You’re heading off to university – how exciting! Between classes and navigating a new area, it can be overwhelming. While it’s tempting not to think about your student accommodation beyond what you’ll put inside it, where you live at uni has a huge impact on your overall experience. It’s important to think about student accommodation carefully, because not thinking about it from the get go can lead to some pretty serious regrets when you’re a 45-minute walk from campus and it’s raining outside. Thankfully, we’ve condensed our advice into a cheat sheet to help you get the most from your accommodation. Take a look below. 

A Great Location

When you start searching for student accommodation, location should be at the very top of your list, because it’s the only part that you can’t change. Before you start viewing properties, think about what is important to you. If you’re on a demanding course and will be spending plenty of time in the library, consider accommodation that’s close to campus, or close to transport that will take you to and from university with ease. If you’re focused on your social life, you may have a bit more flexibility. Look for accommodation in high student footfall areas, with good access to the city centre. 


It’s tempting to ignore the appliances in your student apartment, but gloss over them at your peril. You’ll use appliances every single day, so something that isn’t quite right will wear you down very quickly. Make sure to ask about appliances when you visit, and inspect them carefully, with your specific situation in mind. The appliances should be in clean working order, and there should be enough of them to go round. A mini fridge might be perfect if it’s just for you, but odds are you’ll be sharing with at least one other person, and you don’t want to be heading out to Morrisons every other day because there isn’t enough space to hold more than a day’s worth of groceries. 

Pro tip: double check the rental agreement. The washing machine may be included, but the microwave may not be, and it’s important to know what is (and what isn’t) included. 


In addition to proximity and appliances, be sure that you consider accommodation facilities. What do we mean by facilities? Anything from an on-site gym to high-speed wifi. Having facilities close by can help loads with time management, not to mention fees. At LIV Student, we offer a range of facilities including a gym, cinema, high-speed internet, and study space galore – saves you on trips to the library!

Communal Areas

When looking at accommodation, look out for the communal spaces. Are they inviting, and more importantly, do they exist at all? Whether you’re a fresher who has moved away from home for the first time, or a confident third year, communal spaces are something to prioritise. They can be used for studying, or as an additional place to socialise. Most student accommodation even offer activities in the communal spaces, so be sure to ask about that when you visit. LIV Student offers a range of communal areas, including a café, study area, BBQ, hosting kitchen, and outdoor terrace. 

Good Aesthetics

Now, by ‘good aesthetics’ we don’t mean that finding an Insta-worthy flat should be your biggest priority. However, the décor should make you feel comfortable. Pay attention to how you feel when you walk in to your potential new accommodation, and that should tell you plenty about whether it’s the right place for you to call home. 

Happy Students

Odds are, there will be people in the student housing you’re considering. Talk to them, and find out what the accommodation is like. If the previous tenants were happy living there (and are happy to tell you about their great experience), it’s a good indicator that you’ll be happy there, too. 

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