If you’re starting uni, you might be unsure what to buy or bring. While you know certain items and appliances are included with your letting; you don’t want to forget anything. On the flip side, you don’t want to bring too many things and have a bunch of clutter. (Your flatmates don’t want that either!) 

We recommend planning and packing according to category. Read on for categorized suggestions on what you need when moving to uni. 

Kitchen Items

Before the move, check with your accommodation office about appliances provided in the apartment. If items such as a toaster or microwave aren’t included, find low-cost options that your flatmates would be willing to split. Beyond appliances, you can prepare most meals at your own place with these few basic items:

  • A few bowls and plates (make sure they’re microwavable!)
  • Cutlery
  • Mugs and glasses
  • Pots and pans in various sizes
  • Reusable food containers
  • Necessity kitchen gadgets (wooden spoon, spatula, colander, peeler, etc.)

Hint: make sure your accommodation includes a kettle for your cuppa! At LIV Student we give you an electric kettle, but not every apartment will.

Bedding and Room Decor

Allow your room at uni to be reflective of your personality. First, check your accommodations for bed size and any other furniture provided. Then, choose a duvet you love, comfy pillows, and two sets of bedding to rotate for wash days. Take pictures or posters to hang on the walls. 

Pro tip: use white tack for hanging these items to avoid being charged for wall damages. 

Also, consider bringing personal decor or things that remind you of your family, to keep homesickness at bay. A few other items to round out your space include:

  • Clothes hangers
  • Laundry basket
  • Mattress topper or protector
  • Diffuser or room spray 
  • Earplugs to ensure a great night’s sleep

Bedding isn’t provided, so why not take the hassle out of buying and transporting your bedding and kitchen items by pre-ordering from our friends at UniKitOut. All you need to do is click here, choose the items you want, select your residence, then confirm and pay for your goods. The pack will then be pre-delivered directly to your residence so it is there ready and waiting for you in your room when you arrive, leaving you to quickly settle into your new and exciting environment. Don’t forget to enter promotional code: LIV10 to receive 10% off.

Bathroom Supplies

When packing bathroom supplies, begin with toiletry items you use daily: soap, shampoo, moisturizer, toothpaste, hair care products, etc. Be sure to pack towels for hands, face, and body. Then, pack a few essential first aid items. Besides any prescription medicine, pack some painkillers and cold/flu medicine in case you encounter the dreaded fresher’s flu. Lastly, a toilet brush and bathroom cleaner will help keep your space tidy. 


Electronics are an integral part of most peoples’ lives, especially for uni students. A laptop may be a significant investment, but it will likely be one of the best purchases you make. A laptop will cover all your academic needs, such as typing notes, writing papers, or creating presentations. Further, you can use it to stream shows and films in place of a TV. 

Before moving into your new student accommodation, check the internet situation. You will need to pack an Ethernet cable if wireless internet is not available. 

Beyond a laptop, we also suggest packing an extension lead in case there are few plugs in your room. This should help create a space for charging your electronics—just don’t forget to pack chargers for each device. Other suggestions for this category include headphones, a USB or external hard drive, and an HDMI cable.


When it comes to packing clothing, avoid packing your entire wardrobe. Begin by picking the items you know you will wear the most, like your favourite jeans and t-shirts. Then, think seasonally. 

Hint: to maximize space, remember that you can always swap out clothes on a trip back home. 

Be sure to pack plenty of comfy loungewear and shoes for walking. Lastly, pack at least two dressy or formal outfits —it will come in handy for a night out, a date, or an interview. 

Academic Supplies

School supplies like books and notepads can take up space and be heavy when packing. Instead, you may consider stocking up on academic supplies once you get to university. Whether bringing from home or purchasing at the uni shop, here are just a few items to get your school semester off to a good start:

  • Pens and pencils
  • Highlighters
  • Sticky notes
  • Pad for sketching quick notes 
  • Diary or desk calendar (for all those visual planners out there!) 
  • Stapler and staples

Your university will likely send you a list of textbooks prior to your arrival. Instead of purchasing and transporting the books ahead of time, consider waiting until the course begins. You can search for books at the library, borrow or share with a course-mate, or purchase discounted books at a used book fair. Alternatively, if you want to be really proactive, purchase books on Amazon or online and have them shipped directly to your new apartment. 

Important Documents

Some documents will be important in your move to university. Be sure to make both paper and digital copies of the documents and keep them in a secure file. These important documents include:

  • Passport and passport photos
  • Driving License or other forms of ID
  • Bankcard and online banking details
  • University documents (acceptance letter, accommodation details, etc.)
  • Student loan or finance documentation
  • Medical history and health insurance information 

Pack the Essentials for Student Living

Before moving day, find out what your apartment comes with. Then, contact your flatmates to determine what communal items they may already have. Overall, plan only to pack the necessities to avoid clutter in your space. (Think Maria Kondo: does it spark joy?)

Remember that missing items can be picked up at a local shop, on your next trip back home, or ordered online and delivered to your door!  

For LIV Student residents, take a peek at our apartment tour video to see what you can expect when moving to our student accommodation. Obvs we give you most of the things you’ll need to live your best uni life!