Ice-cold, fruity drinks go hand-in-hand with warmer temperatures and summer adventures. While it’s certainly nice to have a cocktail now and then, beverages sans alcohol can be just as fab and refreshing. Recent studies have also shown that drinking among younger adults is on the decline. Whatever the reason for not drinking alcohol, Millenials and Gen-Y still want craft beverages. Enter: The mocktail, or mock-cocktail, non-alcoholic drinks consisting of a mixture of ingredients: think cocktails without the spirits. Fun mocktails can still be decadent and have several benefits over their boozy counterparts. Read on for all the pros to mocktails vs cocktails.

No Adverse Effects (a.k.a Hangover)

Many people reach for mocktails because they taste delicious and won’t leave you feeling miserable the next day. Unlike a cocktail, a mocktail will not dehydrate you and leave you with a nagging hangover, which, let’s face it, is the worst. Who wants to go to lecture or work when you feel like trash from a night out? What’s more, alcohol has addictive properties. By opting for a mocktail, you avoid those potential issues.

Nutrient Rich

Surprise surprise, mocktails are not only healthy because they nix the alcohol, but they can also help you consume additional nutrients. Fun mocktails can include anything from a variety of fruits to vegetables and herbs. Ingredients like coconut water, kombucha, and fresh-squeezed juice help add vitamins and minerals to your daily diet. Better yet, when you make your own mocktails, you can choose exactly which wellness-infused ingredients to include, to further amp up the nutritional value.


When you make the latest trendy drinks, the liquor is often the most expensive ingredient. By omitting the alcohol, you can save money. And what uni student doesn’t want to save some cash?

Try These Fun Mocktails

Besides the outlined benefits of mocktails, the recipe options are endless. Whether you’re not a drinker or just need a break from alcohol, consider creating one of these tasty mocktails.

Strawberry Kombucha Mojito

This spin on a traditional mojito also happens to provide a boost for your digestive system. Kombucha isn’t just a trend; this fermented tea packs gut-friendly probiotics. Muddle fresh mint (another digestive aid), lime, and strawberries together for a delicious and refreshing drink! Try it out with this recipe.

Jasmine Ginger Iced Green Tea

Reap the extensive benefits of green tea with this mocktail. In this unique recipe, spicy ginger beer pairs wonderfully with the subtle taste of jasmine green tea. Top with a squeeze of lime and this drink will leave you feeling very zen.

Cucumber Lemonade

Lemon and cucumbers make this drink tangy, refreshing, and healthy. Both fresh ingredients pack Vitamin C, which helps fight colds and flu. Add water and sugar (or alternatives like stevia) to give it some added sweetness and enjoy every sip of this light and fun mocktail.

Grapefruit Mock-Mosa

A sparkling alternative to the traditional mimosa. This recipe uses homemade syrups—grenadine and simple syrup— which are great to have on hand for a variety of other mocktails, as well. Combine the syrups with grapefruit juice and a splash of lemon-lime soda for a delicious drink to enjoy with brunch (without the midday champers headache)!

Coconut Water Spritzer

Customize this mocktail with different fruits and seltzer waters. (Perfect use for the La Croix we’re all obsessed with). Combine hydrating coconut water with your favourite fresh fruits and flavour of seltzer. Check out this recipe for more inspo.

Fun Mocktails > Cocktails this Summer

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The recipe options for mocktails are endless and customizable for a variety of seasons and preferences. While these drinks certainly shine during summer, they can be just as refreshing all year round.

Mocktails are also a great option at social gatherings. Use these recipes for a base, and get your Pinterest on by making them themed to your party/celebration! You can also allow guests to choose whether they would like to add alcohol or not. Overall, remember that great fun can be had without indulging in booze-filled beverages!

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