It’s no secret that Dublin is a fantastic city for a university student, proven by the increasing number of students flocking to the city. At LIV Student, we have social spaces and cafés that are perfect for working and studying. Sometimes, though, you might want a change of scenery. Luckily, there are tons of study spots in Dublin that offer beautiful and historic backdrops.

Studying is an activity unique to everyone. Some students prefer quiet indoor spaces, while some don’t mind drowning out the bustling crowds with headphones. These seven study spots in Dublin offer something for every student, whether you’re reading the classics or desperate to revise for that maths exam.

1. Phoenix Park

Phoenix Park is over 350 years old and the largest enclosed park in any European capital city. The space is truly massive: sports grounds, open spaces, Ashdown Castle, and even the Dublin Zoo are all part of the park. It’s not just a place to sightsee: whether you’re after a bench or just a grassy knoll, there are plenty of places to revise uninterrupted.

The best part? LIV Student Dublin is just a 20-minute walk away from the People’s Garden section of the park.

2. National Library of Ireland

The National Library of Ireland has been home to the largest collection of Irish documents and records since 1877. As a reference library (books and documents can’t be borrowed), it’s a perfect place to study surrounded by Irish history. If you need a quick brain break, take advantage of the many free exhibitions.

3. St. Stephen’s Green

Another historic park in the centre of the city, St. Stephen’s Green is adjacent to Grafton Street. The park is surrounded by large buildings and bustling neighbourhoods, but inside it feels like a quiet oasis, with vibrant gardens and green spaces, and several historic statues. This is a student favourite for end of spring term revision.

4. Third Space

Different than a typical café, Third Space was specifically founded to provide a hub for all members of the community. Visitors can choose to eat or grab a coffee, or just use the café as a work space (there are tables and outlets aplenty). There is certainly a creative vibe. A word of caution: they have limited hours on the weekend, so be sure to check before popping in.

5. Riverside on the Liffey

The Liffey flows through the city centre of Dublin, passing under many bridges and popular tourist attractions. Take a seat on one of the benches lining the promenade to read or study as the river and the city pass you by. You can reach the River Liffey by leaving LIV Student Dublin and taking a short stroll down Inns Quay.

6. Rathmines Library

Another landmark in Dublin, the Rathmines Library has been a popular attraction for over a century. Students are free to use and borrow all the resources. Tables and coworking spaces are available, as is free WiFi. The library does hold lectures and community events, so it can get quite busy. Arrive early if you prefer a quiet space. 

7. Dublin Castle Grounds

Located in the City Centre, Dublin Castle Grounds offers four gardens and plenty of outdoor seating. Feel free to have a wander to scope out an area for a marathon study session. Many areas of the castle are free to explore when it’s time for a break. In warmer months, the grounds do tend to be rather busy with both locals and tourists alike.

Check Out All the Study Spots in Dublin

Don’t take the city for granted, check out all the unique study spots in Dublin. You can explore and spend time in historical settings, while revising for all your seminars.

Don’t forget for a quick work session, you can visit the LIV Student spaces, like the Eatery Café.